This page, of any, needs to have a great deal of updating – it had last been updated 5 years ago in March of 2010 when I first started Whales and Dolphins BC – We have come a very long way since then! It always seems that other pages and updates take priority, but the whole site is in need of a major rework and we are trying to update as best as possible.

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Apart from the Welcome to Whales and Dolphins BC homepage, which talks about this site, here is a bit about me, Susan MacKay.

Since my husband and best friend, Grant, passed away very quickly from pancreatic cancer January 8, 2007, I have continued to work towards some of our goals. This site has become a “next step” for me. SG Images is still alive and active, but the SG Images photography website has not been updated for quite a while. It is on my “to do” list.

Grant was the primary still photographer, and although I was the primary writer, he certainly helped edit the many articles published in magazines. I continue to take videos, record underwater audio (hydrophone), and use a small underwater camera. In addition to the equipment I was already handling, I have taken over Grant’s still cameras. The photography in this site, so far, is all from the stills I took. I plan to include some of Grant’s photos in addition to some videos and audio clips as I progress with this site.

MV SaltWash

SaltWash at anchor

As a boater, yes, I still operate our boats, I manage to get to see and be with whales and dolphins in the wild more than the majority of people. I have been known to stop what I was doing to get out on the ocean if dolphins or whales are around. And, on occasion, feel a need to be on the water just for the sake of being on the water. Our coast has so much to offer.

When it comes to whales, dolphins and porpoise, all sightings are recorded, reported and posted via the on line Sightings Reports.  These reports are available for free to view or subscribe to, to anyone interested. All reports are important! In addition, I am a volunteer of the British Columbia Marine Mammal Response Network who deal with sick, injured, distressed or dead marine mammals. Their ‘Hotline’ telephone number is: 1-800-465-4336 to report any sick, injured , distressed or dead marine mammals.

If this all sounds like I’m hooked on whales, you are correct. As this site progresses, I will pass on various experiences that got me addicted. This passion is not, unfortunately, my livelihood and I must continue feed my whale habit through gainful employment.

Please check the Support – Enter to Win pages for information on Donating and Volunteering.

I would be happy to hear comments, your whale experiences, or sightings reports via the Whales and Dolphins of BC Sightings Reports, or email directly to

Susan "shooting" whales

Out with whales