Why report your marine mammal sighting to us?


Almost half of BC’s marine mammal and sea turtle populations are listed as Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern under the Species at Risk Act.  Many whales, dolphins and porpoise have only recently returned to travel the inside waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Whales and Dolphins BC strives to raising public awareness and access to information about these animals, their travels, populations and habitat.

Our objective is to help protect and preserve these marine mammals and their habitat while promoting a better understanding through public education and research.

The information we gather is maintained and published publicly on the internet.

       We are part of a coast wide effort to monitor Cetaceans
      • date / time

      • species

      • location

      • specific animal identification

      • direction of travel

      • interactions with other species including people and boats

All of our sightings information is passed on to the central data bank at the Vancouver Aquarium’s BC Cetacean Sightings Network. Please note that BCCSN does NOT share any of their sightings reports with Whales and Dolphins BC or the public.

We are working on partnering closer with BCCSN who have agreed to prepare our sightings maps for us from the information we provide them. Both DFO and BCCSN provide some of our printed handout information.

We believe that raising public awareness is important to the safety and understanding of these wonderful animals. Sharing your sightings helps build interest and enthusiasm for their well being.

For those who do not wish to report to us or help us with our publicly available research, at least please call your report in to BCCSN where it will remain private.

We do accept anonymous sightings reports and will keep names off reports by request, but feel there is more appreciation for sharing all information.

Every Sightings Report is Valuable !

Whales and Dolphins BC is Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs)

 Reporting Hotline: 1-877-323-9776

or Email your Sightings Report