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 Whales and Dolphins BC is the non-profit Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs)

As a non-profit society, raising funds to keep going and providing public information and services while gathering research data is an ongoing issue.

Our funding to date is still only through the support from you, the public. We could not do this without our wonderful sponsors who donate tours, travel, merchandise and occasionally money. This allows us to offer more exciting ways for you to part with a bit of cash to help support our efforts.

We are often asked:
Why is it a .com site rather than .org?
1. Whales and Dolphins BC was not officially a legal non-profit society when we started in 2010. With the growth and enthusiasm for the reports, it became apparent that our founder could not manage it alone without the support and public social responsibility that a society offers.
2. Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs) was formed, with your support, in 2013.
3. Whales and Dolphins BC was well known and continues to be our operational name. We do own the .org domain names.

Our volunteers, and we are 100% unpaid volunteers, are amazing. Volunteers offer time, effort, support, ideas, and so much more. Volunteers help us get ahead and continue to provide invaluable energy strength. If you would consider volunteering, please check our new volunteer page. (under construction)