4Sea Fair 2014 – Fundraising Raffle Winners

EXTREMELY RARE ORCA : July 25, 2014 8:00 am: Multiple sightings and reports of an extremely rare Orca Mother and Calf en route to the Sea Fair in Powell River! This whale was previously seen last year but the calf is new! There was a dolphin close by also.
Rare Orca Mom and Calf
July 25, 2014
Susan MacKay, SG Images
Sea Fair 2014 was a great success. Our booth was busy handing out information and raising awareness of the Cetaceans we regularly see in our waters. Boating awareness and care around these beautiful animals was our focus.
We were once again helped by a very cooperative Humpback Whale who stayed out in front of the fairgrounds at Willingdon Beach all day Sunday, helping people understand our efforts. We all watched as many boats passed this whale without realizing or slowing. They would have benefited from stopping by our booth and picking up the whale watching guidelines. Many people asked how we managed to arrange having a Whale in our area in time for Sea Fair.
Judy and Steve at the booth
Powell River Sea Fair July 27, 2014
Susan MacKay, SG Images

Thank You!

First and foremost, thank you all for your ongoing enthusiasm and support!
Wish you all could have won.
Huge Thanks go out to the companies that donated the amazing tours, table and booth space, printing some of our handouts, and the loan of a ticket tumbler:
Aboriginal Journeys Whale and Grizzly Bear Tours, Discovery Marine Safaris, Stubbs Island Whale Watching, Adventure Quest Tours Canada, Eagle Eye Adventures, Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions, Staples Copy and Print Center, Town Center Mall, Powell River Paper Kings, and Sea Fair Powell River.
Thank you to all the volunteers who spent hours in selling raffle tickets, talking with people, handing out information, setting up, tearing down, and staffing the booth during the long hours we spent at the fairgrounds over the three days of Sea Fair as well as the Town Center Mall.
We are all volunteers with the society, but many don’t get the acknowledgement they deserve, so Thank You Volunteers: Judy, Sylvie, Ian, Linda, Lynne, Liz, Steve, Gerri, Brenda, Sherri and Leonore.
Once again it was a pleasure meeting and talking with so many people, and putting faces to some of the names of our sightings reporters.
Susan MacKay, Founding Director,


Linda Mclaughlin, Powell River
  1. Discovery Marine Safaris  – Whale Watching for Two
Peter Cracknell, Sayward
  1. Stubbs Island Whale Watching – Whale Watching for Two
Don McBain, North Vancouver
  1. Adventure Quest Tours (Kayak Tour for Two)
Lou Mooring, Powell River
  1. Eagle Eye Adventures (Whale Watching for Two)
Ken King, Vancouver
Michael Stewart, Powell River
Drawing, Announcing and Recording Winners Names
Judy Brant and Steve Grover July 27, 2014
Susan MacKay, SG Images


What all of the above was about:




Support and you could WIN ! Over $2,000 in prizes.


Whales and Dolphins BC / Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs) is pleased to announce that we have a 2 separate Raffles with a total of 6 Eco-Tours for two each to be won this year as our 2014 summer fundraising event. The trips have been kindly donated to help us continue our efforts. The raffles consist of 5 Whale Watching Tours and 1 Kayak Tour for two each.

We are Volunteer driven and pay no salaries or Directors fees. Funds raised are to cover direct costs only.




  1. Aboriginal Journeys Whales and Grizzly Bear Tours – Whale Watching for Two

  2. Discovery Marine Safaris – Whale Watching for Two

  3. Stubbs Island Whale Watching – Whale Watching for Two


  1. Adventure Quest Tours – Kayak Tour for Two

  2. Eagle Eye Adventures – Whale Watching for Two

  3. Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions – Whale Watching for Two


Tours Donated ByBoth raffles will be drawn at 5 pm on July 27, 2014 at Powell River Sea Fair


5 Tickets for $10 – Please make sure you specify what Raffle(s) you’d like in the notes. If you do not specify, we will split the entries between the two draws.


Although the 2014 raffle is over,

the need for funds is constant. Thank you:



Thank you all for your ongoing enthusiasm and support!

All of us at Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs)


BC Gaming Lic. Raffle #1: # 65278 & Raffle #2: # 65280 – Know your limit, play within it – Must be 19+ to enter.



Draw Details:

  • Each $10 worth of donation qualifies for five entry tickets and may be split between the two Draws.
  • Entries will be accepted on line until noon, Pacific time July 25, 2014 and at our table July 25 to July 27th during Sea Fair.
  • Name, email address and telephone number will be entered into the two random draws.
  • Draws will be held during the closing ceremonies of Powell River Sea Fair on July 27, 2014.
  • Odds of winning depend on entries received in each Raffle.
  •  Total Value of all six tours is over: $2,000
  • Winners will be announced at the closing of Powell River Sea Fair and published in the next Sightings Report.

DRAW DATE: JULY 27, 2014 at approximately 5:00 pm.




Below is a Summary of previous fundraising and funding of our efforts:

Sea Fair, Powell River 2013: Our first actual Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs) fundraiser:

July 2013: Joan Bech from Roberts Creek was thrilled on her Whale Watching adventure with Aborginal Journeys Whale and Grizzly Bear Tours. To see their very special YouTube video of their trip:

With your help and donations, we managed to form Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs).

March 2013: Graham Blake of Denman Island, was unable to take the tour as he was in the midst of moving. He requested that we move the cruise to 2014. We contacted Graham and his response was:

Hi Susan,
Thanks for getting in touch with me about this. As much as I would love a trip sailing around the islands, I don’t think it’s going to be possible for me. ……….. It’s hard to let go of, because I would sure love to be out on the water this summer, but this first year of owning a home is really forcing me to limit my time off work and my time away from home. Thanks so much for your willingness to follow through on it this year instead of last, but please consider yourself completely off the hook altogether now.


2010 to 2013: until funds came in from your kind support allowing us to form the Society:

All costs were covered by Founder, Susan MacKay, personally, without re-imbursement.



Sea Fair 2013 Photos:

photo: Steve Grover

Starting out down the parade route with great Volunteers handing out information. 2013

photo: Steve Grover

photo: Steve Grover

Our table at Sea Fair 2013 – Volunteer, Terry Faubert with Susan MacKay