Archived Whales and Dolphins BC Sightings Reports
 Latest Sightings Report All previous Sightings Reports are available to view at any time. The latest update is available on the Sightings Report link – the spyhopping Orca. Once on the Sightings pages, you can view other reports; click on the Archived Pages list to choose. Up to ten report posts show at a time. Scroll down and enjoy.

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Whale Watching Guidelines
Whale Watching Guidelines – Canada

Whale Watching Guidelines – US

Web Sites and Links of Interest
Orca Network – US  http://www.orcanetwork.orgSalmon are Sacred – Ocean Science

Telegraph Cove Whale Interpretive Center

Center for Whale Research – US

UBC Blue Whale Project

Cascadia Research Initiative – US

Vancouver Aquarium

BC Cetacean Sightings Network toll free: 1-866-I SAW ONE (If you do not report to us, at least please report to BCCSN. Please note that Whales and Dolphins BC does not receive any sightings information from them, but we do give all our Sightings Reports to them. All Sightings reports are valuable!)

Orca Lab