Donations gratefully accepted

Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs) is:

  • a non-profit society totally funded through your contributions
  • incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia

  • the official governing body of Whales and Dolphins BC
  • volunteer driven and do not have any other funding

 Why Donate?

Your donation, large or small, has a tremendous positive impact towards education and awareness to sustain the wonder, excitement, and the future of wild marine mammals in BC. Donations are an investment in our future.

Whales and Dolphins BC has created a unique global educational resource that has touched the lives of millions by sharing information freely and openly on the internet and at public venues. Your contribution provides the resources needed to ensure we can keep up-to-date and add more of the rich content to our web site, such as audio and video, that make a difference for so many worldwide. This would not be possible without donor efforts and support.


Where does your money go?

All donations go directly towards our public research study and monitoring efforts, education and awareness, and outreach programs.


Funds raised to date have gone towards:

  • renewing web hosting

  • renewing web domain names

  • incorporating costs of Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs)

  • obtaining Toll free Reporting Hot Line

  • printing

  • 12V power supply for

    • second radio (not obtained yet – radio donation anyone?)

  •  public display table needs

Funds do NOT go towards Director fees or salaries. We run our operations in a cost effective manner and apply donors’ funds according to the highest standards of accountability.


Funds are needed for:

  • maintaining operations (bank/toll free/printing etc.)

  • building a reserve (currently we have none)

  • pursuing sponsorships

  • fundraising efforts

  • outreach programming

  • projects such as:

    • real time live web camera(s)

    • live hydrophone audio

  • possible hire of part time or seasonal assistant / intern

  • second radio to enable full time monitoring

  • antenna and mobile mounting bracket

  • laptop to hold only Whales and Dolphins BC information


Since early 2010, the start of Whales and Dolphins BC, till January 2013 all costs and efforts were borne completely by founder Susan MacKay. Her wish to improve and keep the sightings reports and web site available to everyone while obtaining some help with ongoing efforts and ensuring continuity prompted the formation of the non-profit Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs).

CRA Charitable status to enable issuing official tax deductible receipts is in the works. Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs) is incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia.

Please help us continue these efforts.

 Be a friend to Whales and Dolphins BC